Friday, June 8, 2012

Lights, Camera!

So, a friend of mine has been approached by the casting director of a new reality TV show.  They are looking for an "over-the-top" personality smack in the middle of his field.  He might be perfect.

"But, I'm not that over-the top," he said.

"Of course not!  Do you really think that any reality TV player is really the way they are?"

"But, then it wouldn't be me out there."

"Okay.  But, perhaps it could be part of you... a persona you play... a character to step into.  It's like Lady Gaga... is she Lady Gaga when she is brushing her teeth, or is she Stefani?"

I went on to poke around with who we really ARE in any moment... because... the moment I begin to become the person you want me to be I am stepping into persona... into character... I'm molding me to the moment.  Is that okay?

I think sometimes it is.  I think it's okay to become friends with the whole cast of characters inside me.  It's okay to embrace my outdoor zen nature boy right alongside my executive c-suite leader.  It's all me!  And, sometimes it's fun to amplify a part of me to serve the moment.  Because, I'm still me.

What do you think?

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