Monday, April 22, 2013

Who has room to lead?

Oh, the stories I hear.... in just the past week...

..."My team frustrates me.  I always let them know what I would do if I were them, but then they don't ever do it!" (Business CEO).

.."I have nine security cameras in place so that I can keep an eye on all my employees.  If I notice one of them not following my best practices, I just give them a call and let them know how I would like them to do it.  And, I always compliment them on something when I call."  (Retail Store owner).

..."I keep my phone on 24/7 so that my team always has access to me.  I think it's what they expect of me.  And, frankly, when I come here and you make me turn off my phone for three hours it's like a gift to myself." (School Administrator)

What's going on here?

Am I Listening?

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