Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What have you Done For You Lately?

Since launching off on my own intentional pursuit of well being a few years ago it seems as if the world has jumped on the same bandwagon.  Ariana Huffington (founder of the Huffington Post) has weighed in with her latest book, "Thrive", and, Outside Magazine this month offered up "27 simple habits guaranteed to improve your body and mind."   

So, the question is... "What have you done today (or yesterday, or in the last week) to support your sense of well-being?"

We can easily jump to "I brushed my teeth and that's good for me" and perhaps get some well-being credit.  But, better to think about the things that we do in an intentional and purposeful way because we've thought about it and made the choice that says, "Yes, I believe doing this will enhance my well being!"  Might be physical well-being, social, spiritual, mental... you get the idea!

Things I've heard lately...

   ...Took a walk in an area that wasn't familiar to me.
   ...Started teaching myself guitar using online videos.
   ...Made a ski weekend happen with a college buddy.
   ...Had an intentional conversation with my wife about something more than "the schedule."
   ...Read a book for pleasure.
   ...Made three crock pot dinners that I've never made before.

It's motivating and inspiring to hear about the things people are doing on purpose and simply because it makes life more interesting and enjoyable.

So... your answer?



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