Monday, April 27, 2015

What is Keeping You From Being Fully Present?

The other night I was watching an older movie and it was starting to drag a bit.  I noticed my mind wandering.  My phone was next to me.  I picked it up. 

There was nothing on my phone that needed my attention in that moment (Is there ever?!) but in the micro-second that I began to feel bored with the movie I reached for it.  And then I stopped.  I put it down, and remember having the conscious thought... "I'm going to stay present with this movie and experience it fully, even if it is boring." 

Unless you are completely off the grid, this is a familiar story.  We have become a society with the inability to maintain attention to whatever is before us.  Attention Deficit at the grandest level.

So the question, "What's keeping me from being fully present?" is a way I can name whatever is happening ("I'm feeling angry that this movie isn't entertaining me fully") and help myself choose to get back to wherever I am.

Pass the popcorn, please...

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