Monday, September 30, 2013


Dumbledore, Gandalf, Merlin, and the Wizard of Oz all play a special role in my life.  They represent wisdom and perspective.  It's like they can see around the corner in a way that I cannot see.  I love the way they rarely answer a question straight on and when they do answer it almost always opens up a new way of thinking or looking at things. 

The thing I'm learning from all of them is the idea of detachment, or being able to separate myself from a situation to become an observer of the situation.  It's like being able to get in a hot air balloon and rise up just enough to be able to see a broader landscape, a bigger idea, to get things into right relationship.  I love it when I'm able to notice things. 

And often, I notice that there is some fear that might be driving me in any moment.  Sometimes, I'm able to ask myself what I would do in a situation if fear was not in play.  Fear lives in my mind and is all about the uncertain future or the bad thing that might happen.  So, when I can detach and become an observer I can sometimes see the fear in a way that isn't so bad.  I can even laugh about it.  Remember "Riddikulus!" in Harry Potter?  In the Wizard world, the spell for destroying a fearful "Boggart" is to laugh at it.  I think that works in our world to.

Today is the six-month mark between birthdays for me.  My next birthday is 55 and I have piled all kinds of meaning on to that milestone.  And, much of the meaning is based on some fears!  A good time to detach, ask myself what's really going on, name the fear, laugh about it, and step forward with wisdom and perspective.

So, a good question might be:  What would Dumbledore Say?


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