Thursday, November 26, 2020

The Much Bigger Story

I just LOVE history professor Heather Cox Richardson’s daily “Letters from an American.” Today’s reflection on the Civil War roots of the US Thanksgiving Holiday inspired me. 

Heather reminds us that today is ALWAYS lived in the context of a much bigger story.  We didn't get here in a day.  And, so far, we've lived through every single day, good or tough, and we're still here to tell about it.  Sometimes, I like to reflect on the question, "Is there a bigger story here?" and see if there is a nugget of wisdom I might give myself from a learning or moment in a past experience.  I do believe that it is in reflecting on and anchoring our learnings that we will break the adage of "history repeating itself."

We are a resilient and scrappy bunch, and I’m hopeful each of us will emerge from this season a bit kinder, more generous, and full of a love that spreads beyond any border we might create. 

Onward, one and all!


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