Friday, November 30, 2012

Where did you learn that?

Throughout life we have learned things about ourselves… sometimes from experiences, and often from the words of others.  We were told things about ourselves.  We were told some things that were perhaps true.  And, we were told some things that were likely untrue. 

Sometimes then, when I can become an observer of my own life…I can remember those times and places where I learned something about myself that was untrue, when I was given a false belief about myself.  Who did I learn it from?  What was going on?  What did I learn to believe?  And as I observe my life, I can inquire how that belief has played out.  Showed up.  Caused me pain.

And, I can name the belief.  I can recognize how it perhaps served me once and to acknowledge today that it does not serve me now.  I can embrace a new belief. 
What is the belief that you might release, or let go of today?

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