Monday, October 31, 2016

What has changed?

One of my favorite pastimes is sharing stories of "benchmark moments"... the turning points, or directional shifts in our lives. I am always surprised at the granular nature of the stories.
  • A singular event on a school playground where someone learned they could stand up for themselves.
  • A moment a parent or loved one said "you've got this", and the success that followed.
  • A moment of decision to step into something we've always been passionate about as opposed to simply following a pre-determined script for our lives.
  • The birth of a child.  Becoming a parent. 
  • The birth of a grandchild.  Becoming a grandparent.
Moments are important. 

Last week I met my first grandchild.  In a moment following a warm welcoming hug, my daughter introduced me to her newborn daughter.  My son-in-law handed me his precious little girl to hold.  In a moment, they became parents.  I became a grandfather.  Life changed.

Mature leaders are always open to changing their viewpoint or position when new information arrives.  Well... new information arrived last week in the form of a baby!  So, what changes?  What long-held beliefs come into play?  How does this re-order relationships?  What are the deeper desires here?

My sense is the answers have less importance than the curious questions. 



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