Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What are you Tolerating?

All of us put up with stuff.  Little annoyances.  Things that are broken and have been broken for a long time.

This year, one of my focus areas is to "eliminate tolerations" from my life.  Those things that I put up with, annoyances, stuff that drains energy, or that I accept as "it is what it is" when I don't really need to.

For four years, the flashing on the dishwasher has fallen off anytime anyone sweeps. It's annoying.  A missing screw on one side and a missing washer on the other.  Anytime the floor was swept, the flashing would fall down with a clank and it would have to be propped back up.  Until the next time.  What a pain!  And today, I fixed it.  A ten-step trip to the garage to find a new screw and washer, five minutes to vacuum out all the gunk behind it, and a minute to put the screws back in.  Done.

Am I the only person who puts up with this kind of stuff?

For as long as I can remember, I have had these two bumps right on the top of my head.  Anytime I hit my head, they take it.  And, they hurt.  And, I'm 6'2" and hit my head a fair amount.  And, every new hair stylist has to run into them at least once before learning to steer clear.  You could only see them when my hair was cut short and they were annoying.  Until yesterday.

I had them removed.  The Doc put me under, froze the little suckers, cut away the skin, sucked them out, stretched the skin back over (felt a bit like what I imagine a face lift feels like!), stitched it up, and voila!  No more bumps. 

I feel lighter, joyful, and more at ease, just knowing the bumps are gone.... and the dishwasher flashing will never fall off again.

I love reclaiming energy in my life!  So, what are you tolerating?



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