Tuesday, July 28, 2020

What is Enough?

In the midst of world turmoil, uncertainty, and chaos, what is enough?  Enough love and belonging? Enough creativity?  Enough money?  Enough friends?  Enough fun? Enough challenge, difficulty, or struggle?  What is enough?

I find the question difficult to answer.  I've lived in a "more" culture.  More is almost always better.  I think about conversations with friends though in others cultures and parts of the world and realize that "more" is kind of a US thing.  Hmm.

I'm sitting at my home in Colorado looking out on the Blue River.  It's beautiful as it makes the 37 mile run to the Colorado River and then westward to California.  When I got here in June it was running at 1,000 CFS (cubic feet per second).  Now it's running at about 200.  Is that enough?  Was it beautiful at 1,000?  Yes.  Is it beautiful at 200?  Yes.  Is it fulfilling its "responsibility" to supply water to the western states when running at 200?  Ah.  That's a different question!  

When I think of "enough" it brings up the difference between "needs" and "wants".  I need air, and the millions of people in the west (including me!) need water.  Beyond that, it seems like an awful lot of wants begin to surface.  I need "shelter" but is that a tent or a single family residence?  Perhaps I need a functional car to reasonably live, but do I need a new car?  Is my 26" wheel mountain bike "enough" or do I need to upgrade to the 29" technology?

During this pandemic, and like most everyone else, my circle of friends has shrunk considerably in terms of the people I've actually seen, shared meals, or played with.  At the same time, I've connected virtually in meaningful ways with a whole host of folks around the world like I've never done before.  What is enough connection?  

Perhaps there is a values question buried beneath the "enough" question.  "What is it I value in life?"  I value connection.  I value freedom.  I value integrity and self-responsibility.  Can I value those in my current "enough" place?

What is enough for you?

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