Forum Worksheets and Tools

"Nine Friends:  Maximizing Your Forum" is a complete toolkit and training guide for small groups desiring to deepen their level of commitment and authenticity.  A useful tool for all members.

The booklet helps you create norms and guidelines, structure meetings, keep things interesting, and respond well when times get tough.

CLICK HERE to go to the LULU store and purchase.

You may download a printable version free by CLICKING HERE.

"Nine Friends" includes a number of check in and update worksheets to support regular forum meetings.  You may download in letter-size format by CLICKING HERE.  A new browser window will open.

Other Forum Support Tools:

Meeting Posters:  Produce your own set of posters for regular meetings to both support your forum and remind you of recommended practices!  Take to your local copy center and ask them to blow up to 11x17 inch size and laminate.  CLICK HERE.

Tips for Awesome Updates:  A great tool to use at the beginning of a forum year.  Includes a list of reminders, conversation starter questions, an update form specifically designed for the first meeting of the year, and a new monthly update form.  CLICK HERE.

Ten Tips for Awesome Virtual Meetings:  Maximize your use of virtual space whether for your forum or work team!  CLICK HERE

Clearing the Air:  An instructional narrative for clearing issues between forum members or with the group as a whole.  Includes the one-page summary used in training.  CLICK HERE.

Please request any additional information, worksheets, tools, articles, or book references by emailing   

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