The Big Idea: Vince's Approach

"Authentic, Inspirational, and Inclusive leaders match solid organizational skills with the ability to navigate the emotional undercurrents found in all relationships."  (Me)

Having all the technical and content-oriented skills necessary in our relationships and our work is not enough.  Effective leaders today develop emotional awareness, intuition, and the ability to connect and build relationships that promote positive organizational behaviors. 
  • Expert at asking the right questions
  • High capacity to delegate and guide
  • At ease with difficult conversations
  • Deft deployment of different leadership styles 
Authentic, inspirational and inclusive leaders produce high productivity with low angst.  Good people stay as a fun and fulfilling environment is created at work and at home.

Organizations, teams, forums, and groups committed to inspirational leadership:
  • Establish clear expectations and agreements… and immediately handle broken agreements.
  • Clear interpersonal issues as a regular agenda item.
  • Recognize and know how to navigate through Drama.
  • Look at individual and group behaviors in a fun and curious way.
  • Reflect and listen before speaking… “Let me see if I understand you”! 
The Outside Resource Person

My job is to promote effective leadership behaviors by bringing an outside observer’s voice to the relationship or team. I promote ongoing accountability on commitments and action and inserts insight and training as issues surface.   My practice includes:
  • Retreats and regular off-sites focused on inspirational leadership, communication and authentic living within a framework of solid strategic organization.
  • Training, support, and resource facilitation for executive and peer-led forums (YPO, Executive Roundtable, Principals' Forum and others).
  • Individual coaching focused on transformational change and action.
  • Intervention and connection in times of stress or difficulty... when things have gone toxic.
Underlying Methodology

The journey toward authentic and inspirational leadership is the topic of a number of researchers, authors, and leading behaviorists. My approach weaves together the work of many, including:
  • Bridges, William. Managing Transitions.  Third Edition.  2009
  • Brown, Brene’. Dare to Lead.  2018. 
  • Corsaro, Vince. Nine Friends: Maximizing Your Forum. 2018.
  • Corsaro, Vince.  Waking Up:  8 Questions That Will Shift Your Life (Or Help You Do Nothing).  2019.
  • Dethmer, Jim, Diana Chapman, Kaley Warner Klemp.  The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership:  A new Paradigm for Sustainable Success.  2015.
  • Hendricks, Gay.  The Big Leap:  Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level.  2009.
  • Lencioni, Patrick. The Advantage:  Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business. 2012. 
  • Ludeman, Kate, and Eddie Erlandson, Radical Change, Radical Results. 2003.
  • McKeown, Les.  Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization on the Growth Track-And Keeping It There.  2010.
  • Sinek, Simon.  Leaders Eat Last:  Why Some Teams Pull Together and Other Don’t.  2014.
  • Warner, Jim. Aspirations of Greatness: Mapping the Midlife Leader’s Reconnection to Self and Soul. 2002.
What Others Have to Say
  • "I thought this stuff was a solution looking for a problem. I was wrong. The skills we learned here will make the difference between success and failure for our company.” (CEO, Telecom Company)
  • “I am much more aware of how I communicate and lead, and how it affects others at work and at home. Thanks.” (CEO, large nonprofit organization)
  • “The Retreat was an eye-opener. I learned some tough things about myself but more importantly about how to better communicate with my team. We should do this again… but not too soon!” (CEO, Mid-size Manufacturing/Service Company)
  • “How did you do that? Thank you for giving us the shovel to dig ourselves out of the mess we had made.” (Family Member, Privately Held Company)
  • ”It was very nice meeting my inner Fix-It Man. Thanks.” (School Administrator/Principals’ Forum Member)
  • “You gave me the space to explore some of my immaturities without judging and shaming me. I’m a better man for it.” (Consulting Professional).
  • “I know we all laugh that you’re going to make us sing kum-ba-yah and there’s a part of me that wants to.  You've taken us to a new level of connection with ourselves and each other.” (YPO Forum Member)
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