Waking Up: 8 Questions That Will Shift Your Life (Or Help You Do Nothing)

Whether your life is humming along perfectly as planned or you are in the midst of chaos and concern, a few good questions might be just what you need to clear the air and set a positive path forward!

"Waking Up" is a compilation of stories, questions, and worksheets that can be read in a couple hours and then serve as a lifetime resource.  All of the worksheets in the book may be downloaded here free.

You may purchase in either print or e-reader version.  After you've had a look, please send your thoughts or any suggestions for improvement in future editions to Feedback@wakingup.us.  Thanks!

What others have to say...

“While written for the reader’s personal benefit, the questions apply equally to discovering, navigating, and affirming the crucial commitments required in every organization.”
Tanya Peterson, President/Executive Director, San Francisco Zoological Society

 “A crash course in having real conversations with yourself. A great read if you are in trouble or just want a tune-up.”
Dave Phillips, Author, “3 Big Questions That Everyone Asks Sooner or Later”, and Endurance Water Ski World Record Holder

"With his own story and good questions, Vince coached many of us to find solid ground and awaken to new potential as leaders.  Now, he helps us spread the movement.  Join in!
François Ortalo Magné, Dean, London Business School

Am I Listening?

A while back, someone said to me, “Wow, Vince, you’re such a good listener!”  It made me wonder what it’s like to be a bad listener!  So, I ...